Following on from my last blog post "Body Products to Get Yourself Summer Ready" it continues on with my Top Product Recommendations for Sunscreens, its time to protect....

QUESTION: The lower the SPF factor you use the more of a tan you shall get? True or false? ANSWER: False.

How ever long it takes before you start to burn in the sun, an SPF increases that burn time by whatever the factor is (aswell as a whole other heap of benefits). So if your burn time was 10 mins, using an SPF 30 increases it by 30 times = 300 minutes of safe sunning. Just reapply every few hours and relax safe in the knowledge your protected. Simple & no excuse. 

NOTE: When buying sunscreen choose Water resistant NOT Waterproof as they can cause prickly heat by trapping moisture so avoid! All the below comply.

Institute Esterderm Adaptasun

Products & Online Stockists 
1. Adaptasun 3star Extreme Sun 250ml, here
2. Adaptasun 2star Normal to Strong Sun, here
3. Adaptasun 2star Normal to Strong Sun Spray 150ml, here
4. Adapasun 3 star 'Sensitive' Extreme Sun 150ml, here
5. Bronze Repair Face 2star Normal to Strong Sun 50ml, here
6. NO SUN Face 50ml, here
Available from most French Pharmacies & Cosmetic stores. 

Institute Esterderm are experts when it comes to tanning and protecting the skin and this range is the diamond in suncare. The high-tech sun products take a different approach to protecting the skin as they take into account the interaction between the skin and its environment in order to adapt it to that environment. This is amazing!

Institute Esterderm don't use the conventional 'Spf' rating as they believe that we all have no idea what level of protection we are really getting, instead they work on 'sun strength' and personalise each product with an environmental rating. The products help the skin to 'protect itself' rather than just block all the harmful rays out. It genius how these products work but believe me they do as I have used them for years and having gone through skin cancer many years ago this is something I highly invest in and couldn't be without. They also have a 'no sun' range for people who have an high intolerance to the sun or those who want, as it states, no sun. It is pricey but you cant put a price on your health when it comes to protecting your skin. 

Bioderma Photoderm

Products & Stockists 
1. Photoderm SPF 50+ Spray 200ml.
2. Photoderm SPF30 Spray 400ml.
3. Photoderm SPF 50+ Spray 400ml.
4. Photoderm SPF50 + SPF100 for face 
lotion, cream, tinted cream all optional.
See here for stockists near to you.

Bioderma Photoderm is a range I discovered when I moved over to the South of France as I was looking for products to compliment my Institute Esterderm range. I then discovered from the consultant that this is actually the same company as Institute Esterderm, so no wonder I was drawn to it. It works in the same way as Esterderm but instead they also give you an Spf although it still works on sun strength and it certainly does protects your skin whilst still giving your skin a nice healthy glow, depending on what level you are using. 

I really like the choice in this line as it offers all different Spfs, sizes and textures such as milks, cream, fluid & tinted creams to fit each of our skin types. I always opt for the larger 400ml as it lasts all summer but the small one is ideal for a holiday or travel. It also smells incredible with its summer, sunshine, beach scent. If you are looking for a high tech range with a variety of choice and Institute Esterderm is just a little out of your budget or you just want some extras then opt for this range. 

La Roche Posay Anthelios 

Products & Online Stockists 
1. Anthelios SPF30 Spray 200ml, here
2. Anthelios SPF30 Cream 200ml, here
3. Anthelios SPF50+ for Face, Cream & Tinted Cream 200ml, here
4. Anthelios SPF50 Aerosol Spray for Children 200ml, here

La Roche-Posay is a great brand that is becoming more available worldwide and not just in France as its a huge seller here. All products are non-comedomic and contain purified ingredients. They aim to maximise product tolerance, offer full UV/UVB protection and limit secondary effects like allergies etc. 

After sampling the tinted Spf50 face cream I was hooked even more so on this range and I love this! Its incredible. No 'white mask' effect with this as the tint doesn't make you look like you have make-up on it just evens out your skin and the colour just blends into your individual skin tone too. If you buy one face sunscreen then make it this one & available in other Spf options. 

Uriage Barié Sun

Products & Stockists 
1. Bariésun SPF30 Spray 200ml.
2. Bariésun SPF30 for Face SPF30 + SPF50 50ml.
3. Bariésun SPF50+ Extra large stick for more sensitive facial areas.
See here for stockists near you.

Uriage BarieSun offers high sun protection for sensitive skins and full protection against UVA-UVB rays, free radicals and prevents from skin dryness. The light and non greasy texture guarantees ease of use, very high security formula, photostable and paraben free. So ideal if you are extremely sensitive!

I wrote a blog post last year about this range here as I was so impressed with the Spf30 for face which I actually purchased on a whim for my partner who is super sensitive beyond belief when it comes to skincare and this one worked wonders. A little goes a long way so use a small amount and work into the skin until invisible and even though this is fragrance free, the scent of this is gorgeous. You can rest assured that even the most sensitive skins are fully protected and free to enjoy the summer.  

After Sun

Products & Stockists 
1. Clarins Ultra Hydrating After Sun 200ml here
This product for me reminds me of holidays as I have used it for years as its the most hydrating product that really helps your tan to last longer. I sometimes just use it as my everyday body lotion too.

2. Ole Henrikson All Purpose Aloe Vera Gel 207ml here
This cooling oil-free gel helps to soothe irritated skin with aloe & chamomile. Its perfect for rashes, cuts, sunburns, acne scarring, so a great summer all rounder.

3. Bioderma Photoderm Aprés-Soleil 200ml pharmacy
This after sun milk is great if you want something lighter in texture that absorbs quickly. Can be used on the face and body so great to take on your holidays. 

4. *new* Garnier Refreshing Sorbet After Sun 300ml here
Hydrates & soothes your skin with a gorgeous sorbet texture that smells fresh & summery. 

5.Institute Esterderm After Sun Fondant 150ml here
Instantly soothes and calms skin and melts into your body and gives a beautiful glow with its mother of pearl finish. This helps to repair body tissue altered by the sun and prolongs your sun tan.

6. Chantecaille Flower Harmonising Cream for face here
This luxurious everyday moisturiser has been a favourite of mine from my Space NK days as this cream instantly calms your skin whether you have been in the sun, have sensitive skin or have had an allergic reaction to something then this product shall certainly be the cure that you need. Packed full of essential oils & botanical ingredients its 87% natural and has a healing base of pure rose. 

7. Body Shop Aloe Body Butter here
Going back to my insane love for the body shop body butters, the aloe version makes the perfect after sun. Instantly cools, soothes and refreshes the skin, leaving it super soft and hydrated and shall help to prolong your tan.

If you missed my SPF's for hair blog post then go check it out here!

I cannot convey highly enough to you the importance of staying safe in the sun as we want to avoid all the bad things it does to us but also enjoy some of the good things it gives us like Vitamin D, a healthy summer glow and a feel good factor! So with this great selection of sunscreens in all price brackets available to us, make sure you invest in a good one that works for you as sunscreen is something you should always be investing in.

Safe Sunning everyone!