At the end of May it was my birthday so I went shopping to top up on some make-up essentials as well as being treated to some things that I have had my eye on for quite some time. Just what birthdays are for, spoiling! I haven't gone make-up shopping for new products in a while actually as I just seem to re-purchase items I have used up and cant be without lately so I was able to introduce some new colours into my personal collection.
I was overwhelmed by beautiful summer collections that some brands had to offer. I am totally obsessed with summer brights right now, like intense oranges, neons and block colours. You shall also note that I have a serious nail polish addiction too.

I picked up some gorgeous summer make-up items that I just thought would be nice to share with you as I shall later do more in-depth, individual reviews of products featured.

I purchased all with my own money over the last month or so and some I have received as gifts, of which I am very greatful for! I love seeing what other people pick up as it gives me inspiration to change up my own personal make-up look. I did go a bit mad ...

My Purchases -

I super excited to start using all these beautiful products but I do like to admire it all from afar before I start to use them ... is that weird? or do you do the same? I hope so!

Brands purchased include :-

  • MAC
  • Sephora Own brand
  • Dior
  • Kiko Cosmetics
  • Essie
  • Tom Ford
  • Make-Up Forever
  • Sinful Colours
KelliLash Make-up Haul, Nail Colours
L-R: Essie, Dior Saint Tropez, Kiko, Sinful Colours
KelliLash Make-up Haul
Essie Fiji, Essie Mint Candy Apple
KelliLash Make-up Haul
Dior nail polish, appropriately named 'Saint Tropez'
KelliLash Make-up Haul
Kiko Make up, lash building primer, eyeliner, liquid liner,
Mac, Tour de Fabulous lipgloss, Show Orchid Lipstick,
Sephora Powder brush
(this aqua blue/green pencil is a dupe for the Dior one but about 4x cheaper!)
KelliLash Make-up Haul
MUFE Smoky Lash waterproof set - the BEST mascara!
KelliLash Make-up Haul
Tom Ford Violet Blonde, LOVE this!
KelliLash Make-up Haul
Sephora make-up drawer make-up system!
KelliLash Make-up Haul
Sephora zebra print nail stickers
My Free Gift!

The stores I visited to purchase my items from were as below in case you need some ideas of where to go!
  • Sephora, Monaco Metropole shopping complex.
  • Kiko Make-up Store, Cap 3000, Nice.
  • MAC Cosmetics, Cap 3000, Nice.
  • Cap 3000 Department Store, Nice.

Happy Shopping - tell me what you buy!