What is a Primer? Should I be using one? 

Primers act as a base, applied over moisturiser, before application of your make-up. Think of your skin as a wall that your about to paint. You need to prep it first to give you a smooth surface for a complete flawless, sealed in finish. The primer creates a barrier between your skin and your foundation or tinted moisturer. Most primers contain a form of silicone that is too large to penetrate the skin so it acts as a barrier, keeping things from going into and out of the skin. This shall then help to smooth the surface of your skin, create an even tone, fill in pores and lines so your make-up does not sit in them. Also prolong the wear of your make-up and stop it from oxidising, this is when you make-up can change color throughout the day and look darker or turn orange.

How Do I Use a Primer?
After going through your daily skin care routine and your face is dry, apply a small penny sized amount all over your face with your hands or foundation brush. Wait about 30 seconds to let it dry before putting on your foundation. Easy!

Which One?!?!
With so many choices of primer on the market today, I think it can be a tad overwhelming so people tend not to use one as they don't know what to use if you haven't tried one before.

You may find if you have no problems with make-up sitting on your skin and you don't have any of the issues as above then you wont need to use one but I think its always a good thing to have in your make-up collection even if you just use it to prolong the wear of your make-up for a special occasion perhaps.

They range from all prices and some more expensive ones have added skincare benefits which normally reflects in the price tag. There will be one to fit every budget. Maybe ask at your local make-up store for a sample or ask the consultants to apply to your skin for you to try before you buy.

Personally I love them and use one every time that I apply my foundation, the only time I don't wear one is if the foundation already contains a primer like Chantecaille Future Skin. I have some that are mattifying, some that are dewy and depends on how my skin is feeling that day and what look I am trying to achieve.

Here are some that I would highly recommend and that I have in my own collection...

LAURA MERCIER Foundation Primer -
I love this product because it comes in different options for each skin type - normal, oil-free, hydrating and mineral. It is a lightweight creamy gel texture that glides over the skin and sinks in really quickly. A tube lasts a very long time so great value for money. A big favorite with make-up artists as it is so universal. This is my personal favourite! I use hydrating in winter to keep my skin extra hydrated and oil-free in the summer months to avoid excess shine.

L to R: Laura Mercier Primer, hydrating, oil-free and mineral all 50ml 
Swatch: Laura Mercier primer, oil free version, has a green tint to help even  out redness.
Laura Mercier Mineral Powder Primer Travel Size 17oz  
Laura Mercier also offer a powder mineral primer, to be used with their mineral powder foundations. This can be used with other mineral powders if you prefer a powder texture as opposed to a cream gel.

SEPHORA Perfection Primer -
Sephora Perfection Primer30ml 
around €15.50/£13 
This cream textured primer has beautiful particles of pink pearl to it, giving a really illuminated effect to the skin (as swatched below). You can mix this with your make-up aswell instead of applying before make-up if you just want a shimmer on the skin. A cheaper option and one of the best for that dewy looking skin without glitter or shimmer, just gives a really natural glow and I love this effect!!!!!!!  

 SHU UEMURA UV Under Base Mousse Spf30+++ -
L to R: Shu Uemura Primer, Shimmer Version (limted edition) beige version
64ml around £29/€35
UV Underbase Mousse was developed based on Mr. Shu Uemura’s idea to create a product which performs as a veil between skincare and make-up for better make-up canvas - “a light make-up as transparent as the air”. UV under base mousse SPF30 PA+++ is 20 times lighter (compared to liquid or cream type make-up base) in texture to achieve “pore-less” complexion with exquisite coverage! This is very unique with nothing like it on the market and with the added Spf makes this an ideal primer for everyone! This is why it is in my favourites because Spf  is so important, so if your skincare lacks it then this is your solution. 

Swatch: Shu Uemura Primer, Beige Mousse texture turns to liquid once rubbed into the skin, slightly tinted for more evenness. 
M.A.C. Prep+Prime -

Mac Prep + Prime, 30 ml 
around  £18.50/€22 

Now it took me a while at first to decide whether I liked this product but when used with the right make-up it works wonders. It has a silky matte fluid texture as it is very silicone based so it does give a very matte finish, great for oily skins or to use in summer to stop any shine. It does make your skin very soft and smooth, just make sure your skin is well exfoliated prior to using this! I keep this for when I want a less dewy finish.
Swatch: MAC Prep+Prime velvety fluid texture 
Not too pricey so good if you only want to use on special occasions and not as an everyday product to help keep your make-up in place all day and all night.

BY TERRY Or De Rose Highlighting Primer -

By Terry Or De Rose 30 ml 
around £108/€130 
This luxury tinted primer is enriched with gold! This contains many skincare benefits hence the price, as this is a lot more than a normal primer. It plumps and hydrates the skin, leaving it evenly toned with a matte yet luminous glow. Its sheer rosy texture enriched in light-reflecting prisms makes wrinkles and fine lines appear smoother and evens skin tone resulting in a fresh and radiant complexion. Yes this is a luxury - so not your everyday product, but if your someone looking for good skincare also and want to treat yourself then this is for you! (I have the older packaging, as it lasts a long time as I use more for special occasions. The color swatch may vary).
Swatch: By Terry Highlighting Serum Primer 

Get Priming!
These are just my personal favorite primers that I have become fond of over the years as I have used many other brands but these ones are the ones I always go back to. Its often good to try new brands as you can easily tire of using the same product everyday, but always keep your no.1 favorite close at hand to go back to as it shall never let down!

Once you find one that works for you, you shall never look back - Such an easy beauty secret to beautiful flawless looking skin and now your in on it!

What is your favourite primer?