1 October 2013

First Class Lashes by Verseo - Eyelash Growth Serum

You may or may not know but I am all about the eyelashes being a lash technician and all, whether its lengthening them, growing them, curling them, thickening them, faking them - us ladies do love our lashes thats for sure.

I have written many a review in previous blog posts all about good eyelash growth serums available to us all and its a topic that I still always get asked about by my friends, readers, clients etc and now I have a new one to add to that list and the best thing of all ... its less than £20!

Eyelash Growth Serums are fantastic if your finding your lashes are in need of a little TLC from long periods of wearing lash extensions or false lashes, then a good growth serum shall put those lashes back into tip-top condition, giving you more length and thickness then you ever naturally ever had before. I was kindly sent First Class Lashes eyelash growth serum to try out to see what I thought of it. 

What is First Class Lashes Exactly? 
It is a clinically proven lightweight serum to help enhance the thickness, fullness and length of your natural eyelashes. It does this by using a blend of cell-regenerating peptides and botanicals along with conditioners which 'wake up' the eyelash growth cycle, stimulating the hair follicle to grow longer lashes and to condition them at the same time.

First Class Lashes does NOT use prostaglandins, which have been shown to cause skin darkening and discolouration. This is also available without prescription unlike some other brands and showed a 54% increase in eyelash fullness and growth in the 4 weeks. So good so, the company even offers a 90 day money back guarantee if your not satisfied...worth a try then.

How Do I Use it?
Paint it along the lash line like you would a liquid eyeliner on a daily basis and once dried just apply make up as usual. Simple!

The serum itself is very lightweight and not greasy or oily and dries very quickly. This is also dermatologist approved and tested, hypoallergenic, non-irriating and paraben free. Ideal for all you super-sensitive eyed people (like myself) as remember this is a serum not a liquid so it does not run into the eye and only has contact with the lash line, not the eye itself.

Lots of eyelash growth serums work on the same principle to 'grow the eyelashes' but vary very slightly in their ingredients which also has an impact on the cost as they are not normally very cheap. I personally always get great results from lash serums as my lashes obviously react well to the ingredients, so it is trial and error to see which one works for you, but if you can get the same results from a less expensive one then thats an added bonus. (This has been compared to Latisse which is the best selling serum in the US but also pricey & only available on prescription but First Class Lashes is more than a third cheaper).

My Results ...
As you can see from my shots above, my own eyelashes are very full and I can assure you, much longer than the little stumps that I had before! I started to see results in the first few weeks of using this but after 30 days I noticed a transformation in my lashes. 

I like this product as its so easy to use, so affordable and gives results. My lashes have definitely become fuller which gives me the confidence now to go 'fake-lash free' for a more natural daytime look. My friend told me that she couldn't even tell that I had no false ones on so thats a real test there!

Bear in mind that as our hair growth cycle can differ from person to person, like our hair type differs, it really is a case of just trying it for yourself and enjoying the great results of using this, but if you don't then there are lots of others that could work for you, so don't give up. 

If you desperately want to grow your own lashes longer, make them fuller and thicker then this is an affordable option for you try out.

  • Priced at just £19.95/€24/$30 available from Amazon and Verseo online.

Tell me if you try this out!


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  1. Hi!i am using Careprost since a year!i am very happy about the results,my lashes are longer and darker! and had no problems with the side effects.The only issue was the price but now i order it on sparkling and fabulous for 29,90!


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